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Morinville Alliance Church
International Work

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    • International Workers
      Our Church Supports Cross-Cultural Work 
      The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church has churches and workers around the world that are supported through our Global Advance Giving.  Check us out in some of the links in the left column.
    • THE WHITE'S - Taiwan

      Lorne and Kathy-Lu White

      We are currently living in Yunlin County, in Baojhong Township. By Taiwan standards Baojhong is a small community. The 14,852 residents live in 9 villages. Although some people operate small businesses, most rely on farming for their livelihood. 


         You can contact the White's by
      To learn more about the culture and work they do visit their website: 
    • THE FUNG'S - Silk Road Region

      Gus & Annie Fung

       In June 2015 Gus & Annie Fung were appointed as new workers from, the Edmonton & North Cluster, for a four year term to the Silk Road region. They will be leaving Alberta at the end of July for London, England.


    • THE IBSEN'S - Guinea

      Dan and Melodie Ibsen

      Dan and Melodie direct the "WAVE" ( West Africa VIsion Expedition) program for International Worker interns & apprentices. Dan & Melodie support, mentor & train them, to ensure they have a succesful experience. Dan continues to work on his doctoral studies,& they are also involved in the local church, as they reach out to their Fulani neighbours in Mamou. Dan & Melodie's adult children & their families are busy working in various areas around the world.




      In the fall of 2014 the Ho's began a 4 year term in Spain.

       You can contact them at;