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Does your child have any special needs we should be aware of?

Physical, Asthma, Behavioural, Emotional, Learning Disabilities, Social

Allergies: Medication/Other

My child has the following special needs/allergies






My child uses the following medication in support of the above mentioned special needs/allergies





ATTENTION - This medical and legal release must be completed and signed in order for your child to participate in SUMMER J.A.M. 2014


I_______________________________ (parent/guardian) give my permission to


________________________________(child) to participate in Morinville Alliance Church

Weird Animals Summer J.A.M 2014.


In the unlikely event of an emergency I authorize Morinville Alliance Church to act on my behalf and to have my child treated by an accredited physician in an approved emergency clinic or hospital. I further release Morinville Alliance Church and its officers and/or leadership in the event of an accident enroute, during and returning from the daily activities of Weird Animals Summer J.A.M 2014

Name of parent/guardian (please print)______________________________


Signature of parent/guardian______________________________________


Photo/Video release

I hereby give my permission for images of my child captured during Morinville Alliance Church Summer J.A.M. 2014 through video/photo/digital camera to be used solely for the purposes of Morinville Alliance Church promotional material and publications, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.


Signature of parent/guardian_________________________________ Date____________